You are standing on the edge of something extraordinary... are you ready to receive The GIFT? 

We start on 1st January 2022

but you can join at any time...

Be Part of 

 Something Extraordinary...

I want you to look inward, to ask yourself "Do I desire to be part of something extraordinary, a giant social experiment to receive 'The GIFT'?" Will you start by saying "YES" to this opportunity? On the 1st January we will dive deep to reveal The Gift and create a powerful shift...

Step 1
Feel into your heart

This experiment starts right now! Take a deep breath, feel into your heart and ask yourself...

"Do I wish to be part of something extraordinary?

To start off 2022 with a step in FAITH, to be open to receiving?"

The first step you take in pure desire, with only faith as your companion... Are you ready? 

Step 2
Give The GIFT

This Gift starts by gifting The Gift to yourself by signing up.

This is a sacred moment in time where you give yourself The GIFT by joining us inside...

The admin fee is just $50. This is a Gift we want the world to experience. It has the power to change EVERYTHING!  

Plus 10% of every sale goes to our brand new charitable foundation. 

step 3
Share us

A rising tide lifts all boats... The more the merrier... Two heads are better than one...

All great sayings, but what if I told you there is actually a scientific metaphysical reason for having a community of like minded individuals by your side as you create a shift?

When a group of people come together with a common goal, they create a key that can tap into the divine power source which elevates the collective. Plus we will pay you 50% for every one you introduce (this is totally optional).

 Together We Thrive.

From the people that brought you 

Comes a BRAND new exciting experiment in trust, and hearing an inner calling.

This social experiment starts RIGHT are already part of it...

Will you TRUST that you're on this page for a reason?   

Are you ready for more?

Will you TRUST that a higher power led you here? Will you choose to begin 2022 with a leap of FAITH into something extraordinary? To be part of a ripple that will span the Globe?

With only the minimum of information, are YOU ready to say "yes" to infinite possibilities?  

On the 1st January 2022 we start our 90 day container. In our opening call we will reveal to you The GIFT. Over the coming 90 days (3 months) we will help you embody The GIFT to create a powerful shift in your life. We start this journey right now by you tapping into yourself and asking "Do I want to be part of something extraordinary in 2022?"

 And can YOU say yes to this with only trust and faith as your companions as YOU take the first step of enrolling?

We start on the 1st of January. Join today...

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As a participant, the value you will receive is incredible as you step up in trust and in faith to join us for 90 powerful days that will change your world and start your 2022 with something extraordinary.

90 Day Container 

The GIFT Lab Facebook Group in which to receive The Gift and powerfully grow in Quarter 1 of 2022


On the 1st of January we will reveal 'The GIFT' to help you create an extraordinary change in your life...

Weekly Lab Note

Every week we will share a powerful insight to help you embody The GIFT and create your best year ever. 

Weekly Podcast

Listen to incredible leaders in their fields share their extraordinary stories of what The Gift has done for them.  Starts 1st Jan 2022

Plug in to weekly mindset calls

Weekly mindset calls to help you calibrate to the frequency of The GIFT with your coach, Joanna Hunter.

Get paid for sharing us...

Register for our affiliate programme & get paid 50% for sharing our social experiment by introducing friends- totally optional!

Charity starts at home...

For every successful sign up, we will donate 10% to our new charitable foundation that will help people caught in the poverty trap with self confidence, self esteem, and mindset education, lobbying for change to help more women become empowered to pay it forward... So this becomes a GIFT that keeps on giving! 

Here’s What People are Saying About Joanna's Coaching

Listen to what past and present clients have to say about Joanna Hunter's coaching and leadership in the My Million Dollar Experiment:  

MMDE Participant

I LOVED and have shifted into enthusiasm and inspiration from this group!

Every post and conversation has been fun and uplifting. I always feel better seeing a post in this group! And I AM A MILLIONAIRE the rest of this Physical Life!

Nancy ONiell 

MMDE Participant

I appreciate Joanna and all the help she has given me. I am glad I said yes!

I have shifted from a mentality of scarcity to abundance. I am no longer worried about my financial future because I know I am abundant and already a millionaire. Attending the lives with Joanna helped me the most. I meditate more and accept my new millionaire mindset.

MMDE Participant

I thought My Million Dollar Experiment was about the money...

However, it is about the money as a result of the inner work = learning abundance inside me, accepting and loving myself, clearing out beliefs that no longer serve me, gratitude for everything. All the inner work is making room for all the money to land with me - and stay.

Thank you, Joanna!

What's Included in The GIFT? 

Here's a quick reference list of everything that's included for just $50...


90 Day Container  

90 Days in our Facebook Community filled with like-mined adventurers who felt the call to join this container in trust and faith, to create an extraordinary change in their lives.  


Weekly Insights 

Weekly insights to The GIFT - includes powerful mindset shifts in our weekly lab notes for 90 days (first 3 months of 2022).


Weekly Guest Expert

THE GIFT has been received by many over the centuries - Each week we share a weekly guest expert who has received The GIFT on our special podcast!


Weekly Q & A 

Every week Mindset and Metaphysical Mastery Coach Joanna Hunter will be on hand to answer your questions with wisdom and guidance on embracing The GIFT



If you share us with your friends, we will pay you 50% affiliate fee for every successful sign up - This is totally optional. We believe in rewarding those that help share us. *Affiliate registration and business Paypal account required, T &C's apply. 

10% of every sale will be donated to our charitable foundation

   Joanna Hunter

Published Author Joanna Hunter stunned the online world in 2020 when she launched her innovated metaphysical experiment to make Consciousness Millionaires - The experiment began January 1st 2021 and over 4300 people globally registered to participate in the worlds largest metaphysical experiment that gave you better odds of becoming Millionaire than the lotto! 

Joanna is passionate about raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet in the spirit of "Together We Thrive" - through her books, courses, free masterclasses her commitment to this work is not just a job but a calling of her soul .

"The GIFT has the power to change someone's life forever. It changed mine. It's changed hundreds of my clients lives, and now I desire to share it with the world on a bigger scale." 
Joanna Hunter

What's it Like to Learn From Joanna Hunter?

What is it like to be in Joanna's world and to learn from her and her spirit team Skylar?  

Cindy Porter

Artist & Akashic Reader 

Cindy thoughts on our Quantum Soul of Money course

An amazing offering from Joanna. It gave me amazing insight and clarity into my money relationship, it has helped me to move forward in leaps and bounds... this is definitely a must do course for anyone stuck in "money lack consciousness"


Art Director

Suzanne's thoughts Soul To Soul weekend Intensive 

Joanna does more than others will do for your business. She shows you how to grow YOU as the foundation of your business. This weekend course helped me ground myself in concepts that make all communication easier and with greater connection.

Nicole Russo De Souza 

Healer, Self Love Mentor & soon to be author! 

Nicole on Joanna's BeMagic Year long Experience 

I have absolutely LOVED being a BeMagic lady this year. Thanks again for all you do. You have helped me shift my energy, mindset and businesses in PROFOUND ways. I am so glad I made that leap and became a part of your world

It's important to the experiment that you start by

trusting the unseen...

... but it's also vital for us to be as transparent as possible and say this is not going to be for everyone. We created the guide below for those who are unsure if The GIFT is for them, but the key is trusting your inner feelings. 

This is for you 

You will know you're ready for this if the following is true:

  • You are ready to follow and trust a process 
  • You want to be part of something extraordinary 
  • You love mindset and a big sprinkle of 'woo'
  • You want to create your best year ever!
  • You wish to live a magical life

If you answered yes to all or some of these, you're one of us! We would love to have you on board - Come join us...

This is NOT for you 

This won't be for you if the following is true: 

  • You don't like mindset 
  • Spiritual concepts are not your thing
  • You believe life is just the way it is, there is nothing you can do about changing it
  • You are not looking to create any change what so ever in life

If you answered yes to all of these it's not for you,
we wish you well on your journey in life.

We start 1st January 2022:

but you can join at any time...

What Past Students Have to Say About Joanna's Coaching, healing and courses...

Brit B. Gross


Britt on LightWeb Group Healing session with Joanna  

It was an intense experience and I felt energy rushing through me, a release of tension at the same time. I totally recommend a session like this to others!

Katie Carey

Soulful Valley Publishing

Katie on YOUnity & DPAP Courses

Younity helped me to step up my boundaries, put myself first, be ok with resting when I needed to and take more care of me.  It also opened up my intuition further. I already joined Joanna’s Divine Planning Abundant Profits course, so I already knew that she was the coach for me  These courses are magical if you are ready and willing to step up and show up for yourself. My life has shifted massively thanks to Joanna, so I recommend anything that she does.

Laura Muirhead

Artist, Healer & Sage

Laura on YOUnity Consciousness Course

YOUnity Consciousness is a completely new way of loving yourself and living. This course empowered me to see challenges in life in a different way, learn from them, and create a positive response. This course has changed how I approach everything! Joanna Hunter always over-delivers and teaches in such a relatable way. She makes it easy to really bring YOUnity Consciousness into your daily life which is truly a game changer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this experiment? 

Joanna Hunter and her company Joanna Hunter Media LTD.  You can check out Joanna Hunter here
Joanna Is based in Scotland, UK.  

What are your terms and conditions? 

You can view our Terms and Conditions for this experiment here: 

Do I have to be an affiliate? 

You don't need to be an affiliate. This is an added BONUS for sharing us by registering to the affiliate program. PLEASE NOTE: You must have a business Paypal account in order to be paid the affiliate commission.

Here is why we offer such a generous affiliate fee of 50%: In 2015 Joanna started her current company with no money. In less than 7 years it's on track for reaching a million dollars a year turnover. Back in 2015 it would have been a struggle to afford the $50 investment for Joanna - today she owns a company that has turned over 1.3 million dollars+ online. Mindset got Joanna here and today she wishes to pay it forward by offering containers such as these.
The affiliate program on our experiments ensures everyone (even a 2015 version of Joanna) can have the opportunity of making their money back and elevate their consciousness.

We paid out over $39,000 to our affiliates in My Million Dollar Experiment.  This year we hope to exceed that!  

What if I am not able to attend everything?

You get 180 days access to all the content. The Facebook group access will officially start on 1st of January 2022. You can watch replays and access all experiment content inside the Facebook Group - You must have a Facebook account to participate.   

Why aren't you giving more information? 

We are asking everyone to take a leap of faith, to turn inward and ask "Do I desire to be part of this?".  This step is essential for what comes next inside The GIFT.  We've given as much info as we can as to the nature of this experiment, but we are asking you to look beyond the physical world and experience your inner world and ask yourself "Do I wish to be part of something extraordinary?". 

Do you offer refunds? 

In short No. This experiment has a $50 admin fee, each person is individually onboarded into the Facebook group, checked and verified as a purchaser by a real human angel on Team Hunter.
10% of every sale goes to our new charitable foundation to help women caught in the poverty trap.
If you purchased through an affiliate partner, 50% will go to them.

Last year in our My Million Dollar experiment over 4200 people registered by 4th Jan, we simply don't have the woman power to administer such a large group of people plus deal with refunds for people who change their minds, thought they where buying a gym membership, got their panties in a wad over mentioning other programs, told us their cat bought it by stepping on their iPad or simply don't want to be on Facebook anymore.  ( Yes those where real into our inbox reasons people wanted refunds last time!) In order to keep the cost of this experiment to a minimum and stay in the keeping of being self led, we offer no refunds- all sales are final.  

So please be certain when you buy that you want in. We do promise high quality content and a lot of fun!

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Joanna Hunter Media LTD